AOL Settings
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AOL has a policy of blocking some of our emails, we are attempting to resolve this issue but suggest that you use a non AOL email account to obtain emails from SWiSHzone. If possible, switch to another ISP.

Even when following the suggested settings below, unlock keys may arrive intermittently and emails from our forums will remain blocked.

We recommend that you to complain to AOL about is policy of blocking legitimate emails from

To allow emails:

1. Activate your e-mail centre. The image below will be displayed (screen name and email address has been obscured).


2. Select "e-mail essentials". The image below will be displayed.


3. Select "e-mail controls". The image below will be displayed.


4. Select "set up mail controls". The screen below will be diplayed. (Screen name has been obscured.)


5. Select e-mail Control. The screen below will be diplayed. (Screen name has been obscured.)


6. Select the email account you wish to use to accept the unlock key then press edit.
You should now see a dialog box similar to the one below:


To receive emails from your AOL Mail Controls should be set to either:
A. "Allow all e-mail"
B. "Allow e-mail from all AOL members, and only from the listed Internet domains and addresses".
C. "Allow e-mail from the listed AOL members, Internet domains and addresses".

Note: If you use options B or C, you must add "" to your list of email addresses as shown in the diagram above.

Note: Registered users can obtain unlock keys via a web response thus avoiding any email delivery issues. To recieve an unlock key via a web response, visit My SWiSHzone.